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Firstly, again congratulations on your new role, we really do hope that you will be very happy.

Here are some things to think about. Some may be covered by the offer letter or contract, however if there are questions left unanswered, you should ask before day one!

  1. Start time: some first day starters are expected in at a set time so this is worth checking.
  2. Attire: Do they provide uniform or work clothes? If not, what are you expected to wear?
  3. Personal Belongings: If you are bringing in job related personal items e.g. tools, when can you bring them in and how will you get them there?
  4. Car: If a company vehicle is provided when are you able to pick it up? If it is on day one, how will you get there?
  5. Personal Details: Bank details, Passport, Driving Licence and References are all things that are asked for on day one. Check what you need to bring in.
  6. Reporting: Who do you need to report to on day one, and where will they be?
  7. Team: If you have not met your new team yet, consider asking to come in for an hour before you start to meet the team. The first day will be hectic enough without a host of new people to meet.
  8. Relax: YOU got this job based on your skills, experience and personality, now enjoy it!
  9. Expect a call: We will call you on your first day to check that you made it safely and are settled in. Please expect the call and take it if you can. If you are unable to, then please ensure you return our call at an appropriate time during the day.

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