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A Shining Light Extinguished

By Jimi Matthews on the 10 April 2017 in Automotive News

Today the Motor Trade lost one of its greatest stars; Sir John Arnold Clark born 27th November 1927 sadly passed today aged 89.

Born in Glasgow, he joined the RAF in 1944 and rose through the ranks and begun his love of the Motor Car on leaving the RAF after the war. Arnold began initially trading in cars, buying, doing-up and selling for a profit. Opening his first business in 1954 and gaining Franchised Status some 5 years later.

His empire through hard work and his own unique charisma became one of the, if not the largest independently owned car businesses in Europe.

Knighted in 2003 for his community work he will be sadly missed by not only the 10,000+ employees of businesses bearing his name, but thousands of customers and friends he made in his 60 years in the Automotive Industry.

Today the Motor Trade flag flies at half-mast.

RIP - Sir John Arnold Clark.


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