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Motor Trade In Driving Seat Of Recovery.

in Automotive News

Having recently written a blog about car production and how the movement in the value of the pound has helped UK Automotive manufactures I like to keep an eye on news about our industry. This morning I read an article written by Gordon Brown who was our Prime Minister for three years up until 2010.

The article had a lot of fascinating statistics about the UK Automotive industry, especially in relation to manufacturing. It made me start to think. The article is pointing toward the future of UK car manufacturing regarding Brexit. According to the article 800,000 jobs depend directly and indirectly on the motor trade and we are approaching a position where we will soon produce two million cars a year. How is this industry going to be effected by the up-coming election and subsequently our approach to Brexit following this?

Car manufacturing in the UK is of such vital importance, not only to those employed in it, but according to that article the industry also contributes £15.8billion to the UK economy. So how is Brexit going to affect the trade moving forward? The reality is none of us know at this stage what is going to happen. It seems to me that it is quite unlikely that we will be in a position, (regardless of who wins the General Election on June 8th), that any Government would go out to harm our manufacturing sector. Why would we threaten to stop exporting to Europe and why would Europe want to stop importing from us. We export 80% of the cars we manufacture here, so it seems to be mutually beneficial to us here in the UK and to those buying cars across Europe.

The single market does seem vital moving forward, once again regardless of our own General Election in a months’ time. Manufacturing and the Automotive Market across Europe provides so many jobs both directly and indirectly. Whatever happens over the next few years, there needs to be a shared vision on keeping a strong automotive manufacturing presence in both the local and world market coming from the UK.

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