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Our Automotive Recruitment Stars Of The First Quarter

By Ashley Camies on the 05 May 2017 in Good News About Us

Following a record breaking First Quarter for number of placements made, the Directors at Perfect Placement rewarded the Recruiters who saw the most success throughout the months of January, February and March.
This success was based on the amazing feedback received from both our Candidates and Clients and on the number of placements made by individual consultants.

On Tuesday 25th of April our Top Performers of the First Quarter partook in the Perfect Placement Grand Prix!

Travelling to Ellough Park Raceway, they donned their helmets and gloves and made their way to the Race Track where they had a few practice rounds in their Karts before the main event!

Once the Grand Prix was finished they made their way to The Last Wine Bar, where they were treated to 3 courses of delicious food to refuel and dissect their racing experience!

The Champions of The First Quarter, in the order of the Grand Prix results, were:

1. Dan Unstead – Company Director
2. Paul Martin – Regional Recruitment Consultant for the North West
3. Liam Buffenbarger – Senior Recruitment Consultant for South West London and Surrey
4. James Gilchrist – Principal Recruitment Consultant for the South West
5. Martin Bane – Recruitment Executive for South West London and Surrey
6. Rose Skipper – Regional Recruitment Consultant for East London and South Essex
7. James Trudgill – Regional Recruitment Consultant for North Essex and Ipswich
8. Alister Smith – Company Director
9. Jamie Clarkson – Principal Recruitment Consultant for Yorkshire
10. Ben Loft – Recruitment Executive for West London, Berkshire and Oxfordshire
11. Charlotte Bell - Senior Recruitment Consultant for West London, Berkshire and Oxfordshire
12. Beth Allen – Regional Recruitment Consultant for Kent and South East London.

A huge congratulations to all mentioned above for their amazing efforts and dedication to Automotive Recruitment throughout the Last Quarter!

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