Working for a Commercial Dealership


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A Commercial Dealership specialises in the sale or lease of commercial vehicles such as vans and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) to pickup trucks. They deal directly with businesses rather than selling to the general public and offer customers an end to end service from sales, sales support, service and maintenance.

Commercial Dealerships can exist within a Main Dealership where they can have their own separate department or team or they can be separate if they are larger or specialist providers of commercial vehicles. Every Dealership will have its own culture and way of working but all will strive to deliver the same goal, to exceed their targets and be better than their competition. 

Many businesses that use Commercial Dealerships will have a contract with them meaning the aftersales service is absolutely key in order to secure repeat business or growth in the contract. Today, the role of the Commercial Dealership team is very much about the customer experience and building relationships with customers to ensure repeat custom and recommendations.

Commercial Dealerships offer a wide range of rewarding career opportunities, starting at entry level as a Car Valetor or Showroom Host, moving into Sales you could progress from Commerical Sales Administrator to Commerical Sales Executive, then on to Senior Sales Executive and all the way up to Commercial Sales Manager and General Manager. Alternatively you could work in the Service Team as a Commerical Service Administrator, Commerical Service Advisor, Commerical Team Leader, Commerical Service Manager or Commerical Business Manager. There are also some specialist roles such as Warranty Administrators or Marketing manager. Overall there truly is huge variety of positions suited to range of different skills set and all provide excellent scope for career growth and progression.

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