Working for a Commercial Dealership - Management


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A Commercial Dealership specialises in the sale or lease of commercial vehicles such as vans and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) to pickup trucks. They deal directly with businesses rather than selling to the general public and offer customers an end to end service from sales, sales support, service and maintenance.

Commercial Dealerships can exist within larger Main Dealership where they will often have a separate Commercial Department and team. Alternatively a Commercial Dealership can be entirely separate if they are larger or specialist providers of commercial vehicles.

Working for a Commercial Dealership at Management level is a very rewarding and creditable career choice and with a variety of departments plus the scope to progress even further within franchised businesses there are managerial roles on offer suited to a range of different skills sets.

The departments which make up a Commercial Dealership include Sales, Service, Parts, Accounting and Finance and Marketing. Typically each department will have its own Manager and then there will be a Senior Manager who oversees the Operation. In the Motor Trade this person is usually referred to as a General Manager or a Dealer Principal. The Manager of each department will have different roles and responsibilities but will all act as the main driving force behind the success of their department and team.

The qualities that make for a strong Commercial Manager include experience of the Motor Industry and of managing people, professionalism and commercial awareness and someone who will lead by example and motivate their team.

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