Working for a Leasing or Rental Business - Driving & Logistics


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Leasing and Rental businesses offer both business clients and individuals a long or short term hire of a vehicle or vehicles. Leasing is a much longer commitment whereas renting a vehicle is a short term solution usually up to a few weeks.

Leasing companies can be part of a Main Dealership or Independently run and Rental businesses are most commonly privately owned businesses with many national rental franchises across the UK.

Both Leasing and Rental Businesses will aim to supply a vehicle which is tailored to the needs of each individual customer however how the vehicle reaches the customer is different depending if it is a leased or rented. This is where the Driver and Logistics roles come in.

If a company is leasing a fleet of vehicles they will need these vehicles delivered to their place of work. Logistics planner would arrange this, sourcing the correct transportation, planning the most suitable route and setting a time and delivery date to suit the needs of the customer. The Trade Plate Drivers would then carry out the delivery and unload the vehicles at the final destination. Trade Plate Drivers are expected to undertake long journeys and most of their role involves driving so it is important they conduct their work with the highest levels of health and safety and have a good knowledge of the UK road networks.

The logistics roles in a Rental Business centre more the return on vehicles and ensuring they get back to the business in a good condition. For example, a customer may have rented a vehicle to get them to another part of the country and therefore the vehicle will be left here. It will be the responsibility of the Logistics Planner or Transport Manager to organise the collection and return of that vehicle to the original site. Logistics roles require highly organised individuals who also have a good understanding of the UK roads, excellent communication skills and able to work well under pressure.

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