Working for a Leasing or Rental Business - Procurement


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Leasing and Rental businesses offer both business clients and individuals a long or short term hire of a vehicle or vehicles. Leasing is a much longer commitment whereas renting a vehicle is a short term solution usually up to a few weeks.

Both Leasing and Rental Businesses will aim to supply a vehicle which is tailored to the needs of each individual customer however the procurement of these vehicles differs depending on whether it is a leasing business or a rental one.

Some Leasing companies will provide a brokerage service meaning they will determine the needs of a customer and then source the specific make and/or model of vehicle based on this. Sometimes Main Dealerships offer a leasing service in which case the vehicles will be of that manufacturer. A Vehicle Buyer will be responsible for negotiating the best rate and passing this on to the customer. It is important that the Procurement Team maintains good relationships with their suppliers in order to get the best deal possible.

The procurement team of a Rental Business will source more vehicles than that of a Leasing Company as Rental cars are often second hand and the Rental agency will stock a limited but varied number of vehicles to suit the needs of their customers. Similarly, the Vehicle Buyers are required to have good negotiation skills as well as some technical knowledge of mechanics in order to be able to assess the quality of a vehicle.

Working in the procurement team will mean no two days are the same, with lots of interaction with sellers and travelling to view vehicles.

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