Working for a Main Dealership - Management


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A Main Car Dealership will sell cars made by a single or dual manufacturer and those who work there are expected to be experts on the vehicles, their manufacturer and the various models. They offer great scope for career progression with many providing regular training and mentoring programmes.

For dedicated employees looking to climb the career ladder in an energetic and diverse industry, Main Dealerships are a brilliant option, whether you are an experienced employee looking to take the next step in your career or a Manager looking for a new challenge.

There are various departments within a Main Dealership including Sales, Service, Parts, Accounting and Finance and Marketing. Typically each department will have its own Manager and then there will be a Senior Manager who oversees the Operation. In the Motor Trade this person is usually referred to as a General Manager or a Dealer Principal. In addition, if the Dealership is a Franchise there will be Regional Managers or a Group Manager, responsible for a number of the Franchise Dealerships within an area. This means there’s still scope for progression even at management level within the Motor Trade.

As a Manager at any level within the Automotive industry you will be the main driving force for the success of the Company therefore the role requires experience, professionalism and a strong commercial awareness.  

The role itself will vary depending on the department you manage for example, a Sales Manager will be responsible for achieving maximum profitability from vehicles, finance, insurance and accessory sales. A Service Manager is targeted on building long term relationships with customers, ensuring repeat business and brand loyalty whereas a Marketing Manager will be tasked with raising the profile of the brand and delivering successful marketing campaigns which attract customers.  

All Managers should have good people skills, be a motivational figure and lead by example.

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