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Vehicle Parts are required in all types of automotive businesses, from Dealerships to Accident Repair Centres and then there are Parts Factors which solely supply parts and accessories to other automotive business.

The Parts Team within a Main Dealership play a vital role in ensuring the workshop have the correct vehicle parts in stock and are on hand to advise any customer that may have a parts query. They are the experts on all things related to Vehicle Parts and Accessories. There are various roles within the Parts Team and this will vary depending on how big the Dealership is, however they all make for rewarding careers within the Motor Trade no matter what stage of your career you may be.

It is important that a Parts Department is well managed because over ordering parts could result in a surplus of unsold products that have now cost the Dealership money but not ordering the parts in time could prevent the workshop carrying out their repairs which in turn will upset the customer. Having regular and open communication between the Sales, Service and Parts departments is essential to the smooth running of the Dealership.

Some Dealerships will have a retail section where customers can come in and purchase manufacturer approved parts and accessories. In these cases it is important that there is a Parts Advisor on hand to advise the customer on the best solution for them.

If you are just starting out your career in the Parts Department of a Main Dealership you will likely begin as a Parts Administrator then progress into a Parts Advisors Role. From here you can work your way up to Senior Parts Advisor, Parts Controller and then onto a Parts Manager role.

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