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The Service Team within a Main Dealership is split into two divisions. There are front facing roles which act as a link between customers and the workshop and there are also the people carrying out the service and repairs in the workshop. With such a diverse range of roles in the Service Team it is an attractive career choice for people with a variety of skills.

A Service Department generates profits for the Dealership by selling aftercare packages and maintaining a relationship with the customer after a vehicle has been sold to ensure repeat business. One of the most common aftercare packages is a service package which provides a thorough inspection of the car to ensure it is in the best condition possible.

The customer will usually liaise with a Service Advisor who will inform them that their service is due and will organise the booking. This role requires someone with strong communication and communication skills as they will convey estimate timeframes and any costs for additional repairs to the customer. As the link between the workshop and the customer it is important that a Service Advisor can understand and translate technical jargon into easy to understand information for the customer. Other Service Roles which are based in the Main Dealership include Service Administrator, Warranty Administrator, Service Team Leader and Service Manager

On the other hand, there are a number of manual roles which also make up the Servicing Team. Once the car has been brought in for a Service, this is where the Technicians come in. The workshop team is broadly made up of Tyre Fitters, Auto Electricians, Master Technicians, Mechanics and a Workshop Controller. With the rise in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles there may also be a specialist Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technician. The workshop team will carry out the service and will communicate any additional work required and costs to the Service Advisor who in turn will update the customer and seek approval before the work is carried out.

A great deal of team work is required within the Service Team of a Main Dealership but with many Dealerships offering great bonus or commission schemes, hard work and dedication is rewarded.

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