Working for a Rental or Leasing Business


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The Vehicle Leasing and Rental markets have seen steady growth over the last few years with leasing becoming an attractive offer for more businesses and individuals. Employment in these markets is expected to see continued growth, particularly now legislation around company vehicles begins to change in line with the government commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

Vehicles can be leased to an individual for personal use and at the end of the lease they have the opportunity to trade in the vehicle or purchase it. For shorter term solutions individuals may use a rental company and pay a fee for the duration of their use of the vehicle.

A Rental business is usually an independently owned company and separate from a Main Dealership whereas a Leasing business can either be privately owned and work with a range of manufacturers and brands or, it can part of a Main Dealership which has its own Leasing department.

Working in the Vehicle rental and leasing sector offers a wide range of career opportunities including roles such as; Vehicle LeasingExecutive, Leasing Accounts Manager, Rental Receptionist, Rental Administrator, Rental Advisor and Vehicle Returns Inspector.

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