Career Enhancement or Career Advancement?


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Have you ever compared yourself to someone with the same skills, ability and experience as you and wondered why they live in a better home than you, drive a better car than you do and go on more exotic holidays than you?

Well, we might be able to reveal their secret.

Every year we are contacted by hundreds of people who are looking to enhance their career. Typically they are normal, hardworking individuals who have worked in the Motor Trade for multiple years but now want to take the next step. One of the most common issues faced by these employees is that while they feel they have more to give and a desire to grow and develop, their employer doesn’t have a role to offer them until the retirement or resignation of the existing member of staff.

This stagnation can feel extremely disheartening, particularly if you enjoy working for that business but this is the point at which you must decide whether you want to take the plunge and really advance in your career.

But where do you start?

A discreet conversation with our specialist automotive recruiters gives you the information and guidance to allow you to make an informed decision about what the right next step is for you personally. Together, we will explore your skills, experience and ambitions to determine what roles and employers will best enhance your career.

Don’t settle in a job hoping for promotion and career advancement, be proactive and use our highly experienced team to take the next step in enhancing your career.

We are extremely well connected with automotive businesses and employers across the whole of the UK and are often approached by clients looking for individuals with a particular set of skills, experience and abilities. In most cases they do not publically advertise these roles; they are simply scanning the employment market to see what’s out there. We call this the hidden job market which, as highly experienced recruiters, we have unrivalled access to. Employers contact Perfect Placement directly because we have more applicants on our database than any other recruiters in the UK.

We have proudly been awarded the title “Recruiter of the Year” for 7 consecutive years at the Power Awards. This award is nominated by Automotive professionals, our peers, which reinforces that our clients not only put their trust in us but they tell others that we are their first choice.

If you think you might benefit from a Career Enhancement Conversation call Perfect Placement on 01603 701077 today!