What Is Meant By Ethical Recruitment?


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At Perfect Placement, we value our place as an ethical recruiter so much so it is our top value as a business. The ethics involved with recruitment and the recruitment process applies to every activity that we at Perfect Placement will undertake throughout the day.

From the initial contact with a Client or Candidate, a recruiter needs to act in the right way. When speaking with a Client and taking a job order it goes down to how much understanding the Recruiter has about the business they are dealing with and the role they are recruiting for.

How much research does the recruiter undertake when they start dealing with a business? How can you ethically send applicants to a company you know nothing about? How much time is spent in those first dealings with a new client in understanding their philosophy as a business to make sure you can promote their business in the right way and attract the right staff? You need to ensure you know who you are dealing with and the role that they are offering.

From an applicant point of view how much detail is needed to place them in the right role? In my opinion a great deal. As a business, we take the time to get to know our applicants before we send them to job roles. We get to understand their motivations, what they are looking for and then matching their needs with our Clients. Will their philosophy match that of the Clients? Is their skill set right for the role? If you do not know this information then you could be putting people into roles that they will not succeed in and this is not ethical.

Once a candidate has accepted a job role and started in this role an ethical recruiter will make sure they touch base with them to ensure that the transition is smooth and that the job role is everything they wanted it to be. This is the same for the Client. Maintaining contact to ensure that they are happy with the candidate they have hired. Our placement aftercare is a part of the Charter we have in place for both our Clients and Candidates. Maintaining the level of care after the placement is made is core to the ethics that we believe in here at Perfect Placement.

Here at Perfect Placement, we pride ourselves in the fact that we act ethically in everything we do and in all dealing with Clients. This has not changed since we started doing business in 2003 and has not changed now we are the UK's Number One choice for motor trade recruitment. It is how we have grown to be this successful and we will always continue to act and recruit in an ethical manner.