Counter Attacking Tactics

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So you've just landed yourself a great new role. After spending time preparing yourself for interviews, going to two or three interviews, negotiating salary and bonus potential and discussed the opportunity to progress, you get the job offer. Congratulations! You have landed a fantastic new opportunity.

The next stage after accepting your new job is to hand in your notice with your current employer. Sometimes this can be a nerve-wracking experience as it is not nice to tell someone that you are leaving for pastures new.

So what happens when you hand that letter of resignation in? Do they try and appeal to your better nature or do they try and keep you with a counter offer? It is always nice to feel wanted and always nice to receive promises of an upcoming promotion, a rise or extra training. The reality of counteroffers, however, differs more often than not.

Counter offers can be very dangerous. What you have done is let your current company know that you are not happy and you are looking to leave. Whilst you may accept the counter offer you have alerted your current company that you may try and leave again shortly. In my experience in recruitment, the majority of people I deal with that accept a counteroffer contact me again within one year to start looking again. Statistics from the National Employment Association confirm this fact, almost 80% of people who accepted a counteroffer are no longer with the company 6 months later.

Firstly remember the reasons why you were looking, be it money motivated, career progression or working closer to home. If you were offered the extra money as a counter offer why were you not paid this already, or if it is progression and you get counter offered with imminent promotion, why were they not speaking with you about this before you left?

If you find yourself in this position before accepting a counteroffer remember the reasons you started looking in the first place. Does the counter offer actually address the real reason you were looking to leave? If it does, fantastic! If not, do not feel guilty about leaving and enjoy the new opportunity that you have landed yourself. Could it be you miss out on a fantastic opportunity due to a counter offer?