Finding the Best Match for your Company Culture


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Your company culture is what sets you apart from your competition and if your employees are aligned to your company culture and fit into it, they are more likely to enjoy their work and be loyal employees. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement for businesses and their staff alike, but how do you recruit the best culture match?

The first step is to make sure your culture is clearly defined. Ask yourself; if a prospective employee was to research your business looking for opportunities, could they easily identify your company culture?

If your culture is clearly defined and synonymous with your brand, you are more likely to attract the candidates who fit into this culture without needing to actively seek them out!

In recent years, large tech companies have been the trailblazers when it comes to creating and demonstrating unique and attractive cultures. For example, Google has invested in innovative workspaces and offers their staff perks such as on-site chefs, gyms and the opportunity to invest 20% of their working hours into a side project or hobby.

These are tangible elements that make up the environment in that particular workplace but there are lots of things that you can hone in on when thinking about what makes up your culture.

  • What are the values and beliefs of your team?
  • What is your approach to business – are your staff autonomous when it comes to decision making?
  • What is the workplace like? Perhaps you’ve invested in innovative technology or work with prestigious automotive brands.
  • What training and development opportunities do you offer?
  • How do you celebrate success and achievement?

Once you have defined your culture and what sets you apart, use your website and social media channels to showcase them.

Most people will research a company before applying for a job there and their first port of call will usually be looking at your website and social media. If these pages are filled with content that represents your brand and its culture and the person likes what they see, they will apply. Most people who don’t agree with your approach after carrying out research would choose not to apply and look elsewhere but for the very few who, for whatever reason still apply it is important that you have an effective interview process in place to spot them.

Consistency is key when it comes to using an interview to determine whether someone will fit in culturally. You need to ask the right questions which cover a range of different topics including preferred management style, their ambitions and where they see themselves in a few years, how they’d approach daily tasks and challenges and how they work within a team. By asking every candidate the same questions you’ll soon uncover who the best fit is for your organisation.

It is no easy task hiring employees who culturally fit into a business and who will grow and develop their career with you for years to come. It takes time, commitment and a carefully implemented strategy by hiring managers.

Hiring the wrong candidate is costly and can have serious ramifications on team morale and overall productivity.

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