Interview Dont's!


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So here it is. After a long job search, countless cover letters, numerous phone calls and long nights waiting for that one chance, it’s here. It’s interview day. You’ve landed an interview for the job you’ve been dreaming about for weeks, and nothing is going to stand in your way. Oh, except maybe a few slip-ups during the interview…

This is your shot at making the career move that’s right for you, your chance to showcase your talents and convince the company that this is your dream. You will be nervous, but interviews aren’t in place to catch you out, they are designed to bring out the best of you. Hopefully, the following don’ts will ease your process.

1. Arrive Late 
You know there will be work traffic? Leave earlier. You know you usually get stuck behind a tractor? Leave earlier. You know you usually sleep through your alarm? Set 5 alarms. There are hundreds of reasons why you could be late. Do everything in your power to avoid these. Prepare for the worst. Prepare to be stuck in traffic for 20 minutes, prepare to get stuck behind that learner driver who drives at 20mph. Being late will not get you off to a good start, and first impressions do matter!

2. Fail to Prepare 
You wouldn’t go into an exam without looking at your notes first, would you? This is your big career move, don’t mess it up by not doing your homework! Companies will indulge in the fact that you have taken the time to learn about the business. Google them! 

3. Wear your favourite Hawaiian Flower Power Shirt 
It is difficult deciding what to wear for an interview, but please, make sure it is appropriate for the job position! Wearing your favourite Hawaiian Flower Power shirt that you wear out Saturday Nights isn’t going to give you many brownie points with employers. You could try to find out what the dress code is- maybe you could look at the company website for this. If you don’t want to go all suited and booted then alternatively- go smart-casual! You want to put your best side first, so showing that you can look the part will aid in your process. 

4. Become Pinocchio 
You will be caught out if you lie! If you claim to be the next Shakespeare, your skills will be tested in the company’s skills test and on a day to day basis! Now, we know everything isn’t just black or white, but try to be honest about things and give examples about how your past experiences have helped you shape into the person you are today.  

5. Yawn zzz 
Starting to lose interest? Thinking about what’s for dinner tonight or about your weekend plans? Don’t let these thoughts be expressed through your body language. Slouching, fidgeting, yawning, fiddling, and looking out of the window are all signs that you are bored. Make sure you are interested in everything that is being said, asking relevant questions, stay alert and friendly while maintaining eye contact throughout the entire interview.