Why Hiring Inexperienced Candidates is Good for Business


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At any given time we could be recruiting for more than 1000 different automotive jobs for a diverse range of clients with different specifications. It is fair to say that we are well versed in understanding the requirements needed to fill the huge range of jobs across the Motor Trade.

It is not uncommon that our clients will request that candidates have very specific requirements and experience in order to be put forward for a role for example; some ask that a Vehicle Technician has at least 3 years’ experience within a Main Dealer; others will specify that their Service Advisors have worked for a Dealership previously.

In some instances experience and specific qualifications are necessary requirements however, there are also some strong benefits for hiring those lesser experienced applicants.

They’re Malleable

A newly qualified candidate with little or no work place experience is a blank canvas. They won’t have adopted bad habits or become set in their ways like employees who has been working for years. Instead you will be able to mould them to suit your workplace and train them from scratch rather than expecting them to unlearn approaches that don’t match your culture.

Passion and Innovation

There is a huge difference between someone who hasn’t got work experience and someone who lacks knowledge and skills. Candidates who have just completed their qualifications and training who are new to the market are usually highly enthusiastic and determined to make a good impression on employers. Employing these candidates means you’ll benefit from their passion, they’ll see things with a fresh pair of eyes and might bring an innovate approach to your processes.

Cost Effective

The more experienced a candidate is, the higher the salary they will expect. It is often more of a competitive market to recruit from meaning highly experienced candidates can request additional perks or bonuses. In contrast, recruiting a lesser experienced candidate with lower salary expectations means you can also invest in their development. Not only does this allow room for growth but it also means you’ll be able to offer incentives such as a bonus when your employee reaches specific milestones or achievements.


Giving a lesser experienced candidate a chance and investing in their development and training creates a positive workplace culture where employees are far more likely to remain loyal. Employees who have been working in an industry for many years may have a sense of self entitlement and feel they are worth more. This can lead to higher turnover rates and cost the business more in recruitment and training a replacement.

Perfect Placement is the expert at finding the candidates and clients their perfect match. We’ll only ever put forward a candidate who we believe is best suited to your business and its needs and our specialist team of recruiters have over 16 years of servicing the Automotive Industry to the highest standard.

Our unrivalled database of talent means we’ll be able to connect you with candidates who will help your business grow.

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