How to Handle Multiple Job Offers


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Job hunting is stressful and whether you are conducting your job search yourself or you’ve enlisted the help of a recruiter it is highly likely that you’ll have applied for multiple roles at multiple businesses. As a result of this, you may be presented with multiple job offers, a wonderful position to be in but one that brings its own stresses and challenges.

How do you predict where you’ll be happiest or where you’ll progress faster in your career?

Whilst there are no guarantees to either of those questions, we break down how you can come to the best decision for you.

Allow yourself time to think

You are about to make a big decision and one which will shape your future so ask the hiring managers involved for extra time. This isn’t out of the norm and should help alleviate some of the pressure involved in making your choice. You can approach this by thanking them sincerely for the opportunity and telling them you need to consult with your family or spouse before accepting. It’s always best to manage their expectations by giving them a date that you will come back to them by and this should be within a reasonable timeframe, no more than 5 working days.

Weigh up the Pro’s and Con’s

This is a great way to work out which job ticks more of your boxes than the other, literally. Write a list of all the positives and negatives you can see about both roles, your responsibilities, the employer, the pay structure and any other information you can gather. There are so many different aspects to work life and you’ll have your own priorities for example you may really value flexible working or you might want a defined career pathway. It might be the case that one of your options offers both things, while the other only offers one or you may have to sacrifice one in order to secure your highest priority. By writing the pros and cons of each down you will get a clearer picture of what’s on offer.

Think Long Term

You’ve just been through the whole job searching process, its hard work, time consuming and probably not something you want to be doing again in the near future. Therefore you have to think long term when making your decision. Focus on what your career goals are and then ask yourself which of the options best supports these goals.

  • Can you see yourself there in 10 years’ time?
  • Will you progress in that Company?

Depending on what stage you’re at in your life you might want to consider what their policies are around maternity/ paternity or whether you’ll have a solid pension to retire on. It might seem scary to think so far ahead but these are all important factors to consider.

Focus on the future

Once you’ve made your decision do not look back. The worst thing you can do is start your new job wondering what if or comparing it to what you imagine the other job would have been. You have to focus on the job at hand and how you’ll make it a success. This is a new and exciting time and if you’ve taken a considered approach to the decision making process it’s likely you’ll have made the right choice!


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