Making the Best Impression for your New Recruits


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The first 3 months in a new job are crucial when it comes to employees deciding whether to stay or leave. This notion is strengthened by a report by Digitate which found that employees who had a negative on boarding experience are twice as likely to look for other career opportunities. This outcome is costly to the business and risks damaging its reputation for future recruits.

So, first impressions really do matter if you want to retain the recruits you’ve just spent time and money hiring.

Here we share our top tips for giving your new staff members the best on-boarding experience possible. One that will not only engage them but will have them recommending you to their network as a great employer.

  1. On-boarding starts before their first day – As soon as a candidate accepts a job offer the on-boarding process should begin. This is a prime opportunity to prepare the candidate ahead of their first day ensuring they get off to the best start possible. The smallest details make a big difference and are what will set you apart from your competitors. Ask yourself whether you have provided them with all the information they need before their big day; are you able to give them a parking space on-site? Do they know the dress code? If they have a manual job such as a Technician or Roadside Technician are they required to supply their own tools? If they’re working remotely and will be using a company vehicle what documents will they need to bring? Providing this information in advance will help your employee to hit the ground running far more quickly and will also put any nerves they may have prior to starting at ease.
  2. The first day – Make their first day memorable for all the right reasons. Make sure they feel welcomed, are introduced to the team and are shown around the workplace. Ensure they are informed about lunchtime and break schedules along with any other routines that are specific to your business so they settle in as soon as possible. Some businesses will go the extra mile, providing their new starters with personalised stationary or branded items such as coffee cups. There has been a recent trend on LinkedIn where new employees share images of their workstations set up with special items welcoming them. While not all businesses will have the budget to give their new recruit’s lavish welcome gifts there are plenty of other ways to go the extra mile and make people feel appreciated.
  3. Training and mentoring – Investing in a structured training programme is the most efficient way to bring your employee up to speed and outline their responsibilities moving forward. Some businesses only spend a few days training their new starters and while this may seem enough time, it’s likely that knowledge and skills gaps will appear further down the line. Mix it up by providing some classroom style training alongside some on the job training. This will enable you to work out where any additional training might be required, if any. It’s also proven that assigning a new starter with a mentor or buddy reduces the time it takes for them to start delivering results. This method also helps them connect with the wider team and make friends.
  4. Goals and expectations – Whilst these topics would’ve been discussed during the recruitment stage it’s important to readdress what your expectations are, the key responsibilities attributed to the role and set out an action plan so your employee knows what steps they need to take to succeed. You can also use this opportunity to establish their long term goals and how you can support their growth within the company. Addressing these things early on shows you are invested in the individual and they will in turn invest every they can into the role.
  5. Technology and resources – There’s nothing worse than having your enthusiasm stifled by not having the tools to get on with the job! This is a waste of company time and doesn’t give a great impression to your new hire. Whether it’s a laptop for a Sales Administrator or a Toolkit for a Tyre Technician make sure you have organised the relevant resources ahead of the start date so that they have everything the need to do a good job.

Consistency and authenticity are key to making the best impression on your new hires. If you try too hard in their first few weeks and the reality of working for you is completely different they will soon realise and will have second thoughts. It’s important that you accurately convey your company culture and do your best to help them fit into this because these are the candidates who will stay and progress within your organisation.

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