Preparing for Your Sales Interview


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We’ve previously shared our tips on how to get into Automotive Sales which you can read here. If you’ve followed our advice and have bagged yourself an interview we’re now going to help you prepare for it!

Planning and preparation are essential before any interview if you want to succeed but there’s often extra pressure in a Sales interview. After all, if you’re a good salesperson you should be more than capable of selling yourself, right?

Follow our guide to ensure you set yourself up for interview success.

Research – Perhaps the most simple, yet effective piece of advice is to do as much research on the company and the role you’re applying for before the interview. Knowledge is key when it comes to impressing an interviewer and it will show your enthusiasm for the job and more importantly, for the company itself.

Practice – It’s easy to search and find examples of the most common sales interview questions online so make sure you make time to find them and prepare your answers. The more answers you can prepare and practice in advance the better because there’s less chance of you being caught off guard during the interview.

Be Specific – When answering questions make sure you include specific examples relating to your own experiences. If you don’t have direct experience of working in Automotive Sales, draw on your other skills and experiences, such as customer service, organisation and other sales environments. The aim is to demonstrate that you have transferrable skills and relevant experiences which will be beneficial in the Sales role you’ve applied for.

Dress Smartly – You only get one chance to make a first impression so make sure you are well presented for your interview. You’ll be able to get an idea of the dress code expected by the company when you carry out your research but more often than not, Car Sales Executives are expected to dress smartly on a daily basis. Dig out that suit, give it an iron and polish your shoes. An interviewer will take note and appreciate the effort you’ve gone to.

Plan your Journey – It’s wise to try and mitigate any additional stress or worry before the interview and one way to do this is to plan your journey in advance. If you’re driving; work out the best route, factor in additional time for traffic and work out where you’re going to park. If you’re using public transport make sure you know exactly where to get on and off and find the most suitable times. It’s always best to arrive at an interview 15 minutes early so you’re not rushing and you can settle into your surroundings before it starts.

Prepare Questions - Most interviewers will close an interview by asking if you have any questions for them. This might seem like a small thing but in fact it’s a gage to determine whether or not you’re actually interested in the job and the company. Not asking questions suggests you haven’t prepared or that you’re not really bothered about working for them so make sure you prepare some questions so you don’t go blank when you’re put on the spot. You could ask what other Car Sales Executive’s generally earn on commission or what the scope for progression is like within the company. These sorts of questions will demonstrate your ambition which is appealing to employers.

Showcase your Personality - An interviewer will be looking to find out whether or not you fit into the company culture and have the personality traits to be a successful Car Salesperson so allow your personality to shine! Body language and personality are particularly important in a Sales Job because it’s essential that you can build rapport with customers and make them feel comfortable in your presence. Make eye contact with the interviewer, speak clearly and remember to smile!

Believe in yourself! – It’s hard to expect someone else to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself, especially when you’re a salesperson. Have confidence in the fact that you’ve made it to the interview stage and use all the knowledge and resources that you’ve prepared in advance to your advantage.


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