The Benefits of Using a Recruiter to Fill Your Next Vacancy


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The team at Perfect Placement have been finding our Automotive clients candidates that will strengthen their businesses for over 16 years.

We’ve serviced the Motor Trade through ups and downs, through innovations and changes in legislation. You may think we’re slightly biased when we say there are multiple benefits to using a recruiter to source your next employee; however, it’s not just us who believe this. The hundreds of businesses we’ve worked with and supported over the years believe it to!

Our recruitment services differ because not only do we specialise in all jobs within the Motor Trade, we operate across the whole of the UK but offer a localised service by assigning you to a dedicated consultant who has unrivalled knowledge of your area.

Here are just a few ways your business will benefit from trusting a recruiter like us to fill your next role.

Access to our Unrivalled Database

Having been established as automotive recruiters for over 16 years we have built up the largest automotive only, recruitment database in the UK. It’s made up of candidates spanning all skills and expertise required for roles across the Motor Trade. Our talent pool encompasses candidates based across the breadth of the UK at varying stages of their careers. Some of these candidates will not be actively searching for jobs but if we believe they’re the perfect candidate for your Automotive vacancy, we will reach out to them on your behalf.  Our long standing relationships and reputation with candidates means they trust us and our recommendations.

Wider Reach of Job Adverts

Advertising jobs across multiple job boards is costly for any business so without significant investment behind them, your adverts may only be getting limited reach. The problem with this is that you’ll have a much smaller the talent pool to recruit from.  Working with us will mean your advert will have a much wider reach as we have invested a strong presence across multiple job boards and social media. As mentioned in our previous point we will also actively seek out candidates who match your requirements to ensure we genuinely get you the right person.

Time saving 

We know that sourcing and hiring the right candidate is a hugely time consuming task. Every part of the process takes time and careful consideration; from defining the job role, writing a job description, sourcing candidates, handling enquiries, filtering out the best people for interview, booking in and conducting interviews to negotiating terms. It all takes time! Luckily, our team of expert recruiters are well versed in these processes and will take care of it all for you, leaving you to focus on running your business.

A streamlined process 

We will only ever send you candidates to interview who we believe are up to the mark. Never will we put forward people who don’t fully match your requirements. This means that you can relax in the knowledge that we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to find the best candidates which you’ll be presented to interview. We have dedicated resources and expert knowledge of the industry as a whole making the whole recruitment process much quicker and efficient than if you were to do it alone.

Localised Service 

We are the leading specialist recruitment provider for Automotive businesses across the whole of the UK. We’re very proud of this fact but we’re even more proud that we are still able to offer a tailored service to businesses in every UK region. Whether you’re a large, franchised Motor Trade business or a small independent garage operating in the smallest towns of the UK, we’ve got you covered by a specialist, regional recruiter who is dedicated to your local area. This allows us to truly understand the needs of your specific business and the challenges you face. It also means we have unrivalled knowledge of the markets in your area which will help us in providing you with the information to make informed choices.

No win no fee

In addition to providing the highest standard of service at competitive rates we also have a “no win, no fee” clause to give our clients that extra peace of mind. We won’t charge you for our services until we have successfully placed a candidate with you.  We will advertise your job across 25 different platforms and pre-interview candidates we think are suitable for the role before putting them forward. You can choose to interview as many of these candidates as you wish, giving you the chance to make the right decision for your business. It is only upon a candidate starting with you that we will charge any fee. Regardless of how much work we put into filling your role, if we cannot find a suitable candidate then you will not be charged a penny.

There is no doubt that enlisting the help of a professional, genuine and passionate team of recruiters such as Perfect Placement will enhance the search for your next team member. Hiring the wrong candidate is both costly and time consuming so why not enlist the help of the industry experts?

Contact our team today to find more about our tailored recruitment services.