The Impact of Using Multiple Recruitment Agencies to Fill your Jobs


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Having been established as specialist Automotive Recruitment provider for over 16 years we’ve seen a lot in our time and we understand the pressures felt by businesses to fill their vacancies. Pressure can come from the top level to fill the role quickly in order to minimise the impacts of being understaffed and this can lead employers to enlisting the help of multiple recruiters to fill the same role.

We understand the rationale behind this thought process: the more people tasked with sourcing candidates to potentially fill the role, the more quickly it will be filled - Right?

The truth is, using multiple recruiters to fill your role isn’t always the best idea and here’s why.

  • Competition – Recruitment is a competitive industry and therefore recruiters are competitive people. If a recruiter knows that other agencies are working on the same role and there is an urgency to fill the role it is likely that they will prioritise speed over the quality of candidate. The result for you is that you’ll be presented with candidates that fit the brief but might be lacking that something special because the whole process has been driven by competition and speed.
  • Loyalty –Like in any other industry, a recruiters loyalty will lie with their exclusive clients meaning if they uncover that special candidate during the search that could also be suitable for a role held by their exclusive client, they may put them forward for that instead.  A great recruiter will have spent a lot of time and effort building a long term relationship with their exclusive clients and will always strive to deliver them the best in order to retain this relationship. This gives exclusive clients a significant advantage over non-exclusive ones.
  • Candidate Confusion –Advertising your job with multiple agencies means there is a good chance that candidates could be contacted by different people which doesn’t give the best impression on you. This can easily cause confusion for example the recruiter from one business might have put the candidate forward for interview and briefed them when the candidate gets contacted by the other recruiter trying to source them for the same job. Not only is the candidate confused but it appears unprofessional and the recruiters are somewhat desperate to fill the role!

Using Perfect Placement to fill your roles has so many benefits (you can find these here) and we guarantee to always deliver the highest standards of service to every single one of our clients, exclusive or not.

Our advice would be that if you’re using multiple recruiters to fill your vacancy because there is urgency around it that you should reconsider your approach.

Staff retention is far more cost effective for any business than hiring someone quickly just to fill a role. The best results for you and your business will come if you  spend time building a relationship with a recruitment specialist so that they fully understands your business and they can find the right match for its specific needs. Even if this process does take slightly longer, you are more likely to be hiring a candidate who will have a longstanding career with you, who will grow with your business and make the role a success.

To find out more about our approach to recruitment and why our clients use us again and again, contact our team today!