Using Social Media to Showcase your Company Culture


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Social Media has become a powerful recruitment tool in recent times with job seekers now looking to various social media platforms to gain an insight into company culture and find their latest roles.

More than half of recruiters admit to searching for a candidate’s social media profiles to gain an insight into their character but guess what, candidates do exactly the same to businesses! In the past, candidates would rely on review websites or word of mouth to find out what it would be like working for a certain company. Today, social media allows businesses to market their company culture to the public, including prospective employees.

Done right, this can become a way to attract talent to your business and strengthen your recruitment campaign with very little cost attached.

So how do you ensure you give the best impression of your company culture? We explore…

  1. Define your Company Culture

    First and foremost you need to determine the stand out elements of your company’s culture and how you will demonstrate these. It might be that your staff have an excellent work life balance or that your offices are impressive! Perhaps you work alongside some major Automotive brands or you incentivise your teams in a unique way. Whatever it might be, you need to ensure you identify your best assets and utilise your social media to highlight them.

  2. Post Regularly

    Consistency is key when it comes to posting on social media. Most people’s feeds are highly saturated so you need to post regularly to ensure your content gets seen! However, it’s important to only post quality content otherwise you risk your audience losing interest and scrolling straight past your posts. As a general rule, try to post a few times a week across a range of platforms. This should mean you capture a wider audience without the risk of annoying them with persistent posting.

  1. Share Interesting Content

    Ensure that your content is diverse. Text based content often works best for sharing thought leadership articles but visual content such as images and videos generate a lot more engagement. In fact, video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined![i] Videos can also be a great way to involve your staff and your customers by creating testimonials or customer case studies. Think about what your audience will find interesting and keep this as your key focus when planning your content.

  1. Get Employees Involved

    Your employees are your biggest advocates meaning if a job seeker looks at your profiles and sees happy employees championing the business as a great place to work, they are likely to trust them. Involving your employees will often make it easier to create regular, engaging content because not only will they have their own ideas, they can generate the content themselves. For example, if your sales team is being trained on a new innovative motor feature they could take a picture for social media. Similarly, if your Paint Sprayer has done an outstanding job on a vehicle take a before and after picture and recognise their work on your business profiles. These kind of posts show you’re an employer who recognises hard work. Ask your employees to share your posts on their own pages to increase the number of people who see them!

  1. Manage Your Profiles

    We’ve mentioned the importance of varied and engaging content as well as the benefits of engaging your staff however, businesses generally get the best results when profiles are managed by a select group of people. Social media success is more complex than it once was with changes to algorithms and best practice, meaning a sporadic approach simply won’t cut it if you’re goal is to attract talent. Assign control over your social media accounts to one person or a small, knowledgeable team if you’re business requires. Set out brand guidelines including tone of voice and topics that can or can’t be shared and plan ahead. This approach doesn’t mean you can’t involve your staff, just direct them to send their content ideas to the relevant person and it can all be shared from one central place.

Showcasing the best parts of your business on social media can be a great, low cost way to attract candidates away from your competition by building a positive and appealing reputation. Planning and consistency are important factors to consider but perhaps the most important element is trusting the right person to have control over your online presence. Treat your social media pages as you would treat any paid-for marketing campaign and maintain professionalism at all times. Sharing potentially offensive or controversial content can completely damage a company’s reputation at the click of a button so it is essential that whoever is responsible for managing your pages fully complies with your company guidelines at all times.

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