A New Automotive Job for the New Year


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The start of the New Year is synonymous with people making changes to their lives and a one of the more common ones is thinking about getting a new job. We’ve been in the business of Automotive Recruitment for over 16 years now, and when January comes round, we see a huge rise in the number of candidates getting in touch with us about jobs and registering for alerts on roles they’re interested in.

It is also common for our clients to start the New Year with a recruitment drive. Often they would have ended the year before Christmas with planning sessions, developing strategies and determining what sort of head count will be required for up and coming projects or for simply sustaining their business.

With your motivation being high and lots of exciting opportunities on offer, the New Year is a perfect time to land yourself your dream automotive job!

Here are our top tips on making your job search a success in 2020.

Update your CV

It’s wise to keep your CV updated at all times for two reasons. It’s much easier to keep track of your achievements and the great work you’ve done as and when they happen rather than trying to remember after a long time has passed. Secondly, having an up to date CV means you’re ready to start applying to jobs as soon as you see an opportunity you’d like to go for.

Top tip: Don’t cram your CV with information, recruiters and hiring managers will be inundated with CVs at this time so won’t have time to read everything. Instead make it concise and use key words to highlight your skills and experience.

Set Targets

Often, with a new year comes a new outlook and a positive approach to things. Make sure you utilise this feeling and use it to your advantage. Ask yourself where you want your career to be at the end of the year and be as specific as possible. Whether that’s working for a particular brand or working in a particular role. Identify what your goals are so that you have something to work towards. This will also help you narrow down your job search rather than casting the net wide and perhaps hearing back from an employer who wasn’t really on your target list.

Utilise Social Media

This works both ways in the sense that you can use social media to find out about the latest vacancies in the businesses and/or roles you’re interested in and you can also use your online profiles as a way of marketing yourself to prospective employers. Freshen up your social media accounts to ensure they are professional and present you as a hireable candidate. We’ve written a separate blog about this which you can find here.

Get Support

Once you have an idea about where you want to work and what you want to be doing and have laid the foundations of your job search it can be a good idea to reach out for support. This could be in the form of asking your wider network for help (if you have one) or enlisting the expertise of a recruiter. At Perfect Placement we work closely with all our candidates to get a real understanding of what they want from their career and will only put you forward for roles with your consent. You’ll have access to a localised recruitment consultant with unrivalled knowledge of the opportunities within your area, often before they are publically advertised.

With January and February proving to be some of the busiest times for people wanting to change jobs, the more professional help and advice you have, the higher your chances of success are. Hold on to your New Year optimism, carry out the suggestions we’ve made

If you want further guidance and want to benefit from our huge client base of Automotive businesses across the UK then contact the Perfect Placement team!

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