Earn while you Learn: Apprenticeship Opportunities at Perfect Placement


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An apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to gain skills and work place experience whilst studying towards a qualification. There is a common misconception that apprenticeships are only for manual jobs such as mechanics, plumbers or builders but in fact there are apprenticeships tailored to a diverse range of different sectors and jobs.

This is fantastic for us as the UK’s leading automotive recruitment provider because it means we can support apprentices in their careers and in 2019, we welcomed three apprentices to our Recruitment support team.

Olivia, Harry and Lewis are all undertaking a Business Administration Apprenticeship with Skills Edge Training who specialise in professional apprentices. This means they are fully supported by us from an employment perspective and their dedicated apprenticeship assessor provides support for all of their educational needs.

We spoke to our Apprentices to find out how they’re getting on and what advice they would give to anyone thinking of doing a Business Administration Apprenticeship here at Perfect Placement. Here’s what they told us…

What have you gained from your experience so far?

Harry:  I’ve already gained lots of new skills and feel like I’m starting to build a career as well as gaining a qualification. It’s been great working alongside such a supportive team and having a very supportive manager to help me develop.

Olivia: I’ve expanded my knowledge of the motor trade as well as my IT skills which has been invaluable. It has been an adjustment getting used to a full working day as well as multitasking between my work here at Perfect Placement and meeting deadlines for the Apprenticeship course but this has all helped me to develop my skills and will definitely help me in my career.

Have there been any challenges?

Lewis: Of course there have been a few challenges; they are a part of life. I guess the biggest ones have been the adjustment to working life having come straight from education, it’s a bit of a jump. The pace of work is fast at Perfect Placement but I realise now that’s what makes it such an outstanding recruitment agency, everyone is so committed and determined to deliver results.

Harry: I agree, getting used to working full time compared to sixth form has been the biggest challenge as well as managing the work we do for our apprenticeship on top of our everyday work.  Thankfully our apprenticeship assessor is very supportive and friendly as is Ashley, our manager at Perfect Placement.

How would you describe working for Perfect Placement?

Olivia: I would describe working at Perfect Placement as being really enjoyable due to learning more and more each day as well as improving my general and motor trade knowledge. I have also had the chance to develop my literacy skills along with my ICT abilities. I appreciate having the chance to complete this apprenticeship and succeed in my career while doing so.

Harry: Perfect Placement is a fun and great place to work. Everyone has a positive attitude and is supportive about the apprenticeship.

Lewis: I’d say it’s really rewarding and also rather fun!

Something that we are extremely passionate about when working with apprentices is equipping them with all the skills and knowledge they will need to secure full time work with us once they complete their qualification. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of the whole process not just for the individual but for us as a business as we are able to develop the next generation of Automotive recruiters and watch them grow.

Sophie began her career as an apprentice here at Perfect Placement 3 years ago. Upon completion she was offered a full time job within the Recruitment Support team and has since been promoted to Recruitment Support Supervisor.

Sophie said: 

“Doing the Apprenticeship offered me a fantastic career path. I was working in retail beforehand and the apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to learn and study whilst being paid. I gained invaluable skills during that time which I have carried through to my job, plus I achieved the Business Apprenticeship qualification. That has all enabled me to grow from starting as an apprentice to becoming a Recruitment Support Supervisor.”

If you are looking for a fantastic opportunity to kick start your career in the recruitment industry while completing your apprenticeship then get in touch with us today!