Living and Working in the Channel Islands


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The Channel Islands are a cluster of islands situated in the English Channel just off the French coast of Normandy. Their beautiful backdrop and unique way of life make them an attractive place for skilled candidates looking to relocate.

Perfect Placement have multiple connections with Automotive business based in the Channel Islands and assist their business growth by sourcing the best talent for the role. The number of jobs we have recruited for in the Channel Islands is on the rise meaning we’re always on the lookout for committed, skilled candidates who are looking for their next challenge.

Relocating is never a decision that should be taken lightly so we’ve put together a guide tailored to the Channel Islands in order to enable you to make an informed decision about moving!


While they are not part of the United Kingdom, they are crown dependencies, which means they have international status of "territories for which the United Kingdom is responsible." In short, the Channel Islands and the UK government work as a partnership rather than one having power of the other.

The largest of the Channel Islands is Jersey, followed by Guernsey both of which are famed for their natural beauty, distinct character and well balanced lifestyle. They have also become long established international finance centres and their reputation is cemented as one of the best in the world. The finance sector employs approximately one quarter of the island’s workforce and generates around 40% of the economic output.

The Channel Islands are English speaking and being surrounded by water means there are magnificent beaches to explore during your free time.


Jersey has a strong economy, high employment rates as well as a high standard of living. Its tax system differs from the UK and is part of what makes it attractive from a lifestyle perspective. The maximum personal tax rate is fixed at 20% regardless of your annual income (there are exceptions to protect those on lower incomes). There are lower taxes on Goods and Services than the UK, charged at just 5% for the majority across Jersey.

The cost of living in Jersey can be high however salaries are generally higher compared to the same jobs in the UK. In order to buy a property in Jersey you must be granted an “Entitled” or “Licensed” residential status which means you’ve either lived there for more than 10 years (“Entitled”) or you are an essential employee on the Island (“Licensed”). If you have recently moved to the Island you are most likely to rent and it is generally recommended that you wait until you arrive on the Island to secure your long term accommodation.

The Commute to work in Jersey is easy with many residents choosing to walk and cycle which is made easy due to the small size of the Island. It’s just 9 by 5 miles to be exact! It also has an array of Michelin stars; in fact, it has the most concentrated amount of Michelin stars for its size. With a range of varied attractions and the many country walks there is no shortage of things to do and see.


Similarly to Jersey, the banking and finance sectors are booming in Guernsey and are the largest employers. Its tax and housing systems are the same as those in Guernsey whereby  there is no general capital gains tax, inheritance tax or estate duty, purchase or sales tax, VAT or capital transfer tax. It is thought that their tax neutrality helps to facilitate substantial investment to and from the UK and Europe.

Residents of Guernsey benefit from an excellent work life balance as well as living in safe surroundings. Its iconic cobbled streets are beautiful to wander in your spare time and a great way to begin taking in the Island’s rich history. It’s close proximity to neighbouring islands of Sark, Herm, Alderney and Lihou means there’s always something new to explore. It takes just 20 minutes by ferry to get them!

Getting There

The Channel Islands are very well connected to the UK with ferries operating all year round and taking as little as 3 hours from Portsmouth, Poole or Weymouth. There are also regular flights daily which operate from major UK airports all year round and usually take less than an hour to reach either Guernsey or Jersey.

The Motor Trade

The Motor Trade in the Channel Island is a thriving industry as all the vehicles on the Island need to be serviced somewhere! There are also a number of Car Dealerships on both Jersey and Guernsey. We typically recruit for roles including: Vehicle Sales Executives, Technicians, Sales Managers, Service Managers, Aftersales Managers, Paint Sprayers and Panel Beaters.

There are also unique quirks to the Motor Industry in the Channel Islands including the fact that vehicles are not required to have an MOT therefore there are also no MOT Tester jobs and there is also no road tax to pay. Insurance is generally cheaper in the Channel Islands and due to the size of the area and types of roads, the national speed limit is 40mph.

Competition for jobs is high in the Channel Island’s due to their popularity and excellent way of life. Fortunately, we are well connected and have built a reputation of trust with our Clients there. We often hear about vacancies before they are advertised to the public giving our candidates an advantage over the competition.

If you are looking for a new experience, excellent scenery and a slower pace of life then relocating to the Channel Islands could be the answer! Our highly experienced Senior Recruitment Executive Ryan Gilbertson services the Channel Isles and is on hand to answer any questions you may have about relocating to this region.

For the latest Motor Trade Jobs on the Channel Islands, click here to visit our website. You can apply online or call Ryan Gilbertson directly on 01793 689127.