What is Workplace Culture and Why is it Important to your Business?


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The culture of any workplace or business is the essence of what makes it that business. It’s a combination of all the things that make up their approach to business including its values, beliefs, and goals, attitude of its entire staff and how the operation functions as a whole.

There is a direct correlation between workplace culture and the job satisfaction of staff and more and more businesses now hire on the basis of an individual best fitting their internal culture over skills and experience.

A strong and successful workplace culture doesn’t happen overnight. It is clearly defined and embedded at the heart of the company. It should start and the top with the leaders and filter through how the business is managed and into all policies and approaches so that its people live and breathe this culture every day.

Building a Positive Workplace Culture

Your company culture begins with the values that define your business so make sure that everyone understands these values and is aligned with them. This is much harder to enforce in an already well established business because it’s like trying to teach people new habits. It’s best to embed these values into your operation from the very start.

Put your employees first in all aspects of your company culture. Whilst it is very important to prioritise your customers, you wouldn’t have any customers to serve without your team of employees. Therefore, they should be your highest priority when it comes to keeping people happy. Ask yourself if and how your workplace culture benefits them and whether you can make any improvements. This will have many significant and positive impacts on the business which we will discuss further on.

Set clear goals and celebrate success. Defining your expectations of a team or an individual is a major factor in achieving them because it enables managers to track the progress of their employees and provide support when needed. It also gives the employee a clear focus and a sense of purpose that they are contributing to the overall success of the business.

Promote the elements of your workplace culture to remind and reinforce your teams of them. For example; allow your teams to visualise their goals by physically displaying them in their workspace. If your company culture encourages development of its staff showcase this by celebrating successes in the office and publicising them on social media and the business website. Your culture is what makes you stand out as a business so use this to your advantage.

The Impact on your Business

Defining and implementing a strong business identity is the first step. The second step is to ensure that every one of your employees, no matter what level of the business they’re at, are aligned to it and believe in it. Once you’ve established both of these stages you’ll see some brilliantly positive impacts on your business.

Having a strong, positive workplace culture will enhance the reputation of your business and you’ll begin to attract the best talent. By promoting your culture online and having your existing staff wanting to share their own positive experiences of working with you, you’ll soon have people talking about your business for all the right reasons. Remember, that you want to have a team of people working for you that align with your values so by showcasing these you’ll attract people who share the same outlook and passion for what you’re doing.

Your workforce will be happier and your turnover will decrease. If your staff have a clear vision and are focused on what they need to achieve they will feel they have a purpose and this is a key factor in job satisfaction. Furthermore, if everyone is motivated and working collectively towards the business goals, there will be a culture of co-operation rather than everyone being out for themselves. This kind of environment is one where people can grow, have respect for each other and want to come every day.

Your customers will also be happier meaning the business will naturally grow. This is because happy staff generally results in happy customers therefore, taking care of your people and prioritising their wellbeing will have financial benefits on the business in the long term.

It’s clear that workplace culture is a vital part of any business and that when implemented successfully, can have a very positive impact on both the attraction and retention of top talent in your business.

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