Job Hunting Headaches? Let us Relieve the Pain


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Have you ever come across a job opportunity that’s right up your street but worry that you lack the skills or confidence to negotiate yourself the best deal?

Salaries, contracts, start dates, job titles. These are all important things to think about before accepting a job offer and can be tricky to change once that contract has been signed. It can all seem like a bit of a minefield if you don’t have much experience in negotiating these sorts of things as well as being time consuming.

Fortunately, our team of experienced automotive recruiters are experts when it comes to asking all the right questions and ensuring you get an outcome you’re fully satisfied with before saying yes to the job.

No matter where you come across that job vacancy, we’re always happy to try and help you.

There are many positives to using a recruitment agency, (you can read our blog to find out more about those benefits here) but one of the stand out things that our candidates feedback to us is that with our support and unrivalled knowledge the whole recruitment process feels simpler and they feel more informed during every stage of the process than if they were to do it alone.

A prime example of this is the interview stage. If you were to apply to a job directly you could be waiting weeks to hear whether or not you’ve reached the interview stage, you then have base your interview preparation on guess work without knowing their approach and may have a long wait to find out if you’ve been successful or not.

In contrast, using a recruiter means we will prepare and support you through the interview and will be able to liaise with the employer to get feedback until they come to a final decision. In the meantime we can be on the lookout for other roles suited to your skills so you never feel like you’re starting the process from scratch.

Which scenario sounds more appealing to you?

At Perfect Placement we’ve been helping candidates find their dream automotive job for more than 16 years and will always go the extra mile for the people we work with. That’s why, if you come across any job opportunity in the Motor Trade and feel that you want the support of market leading experts like us to secure you the best terms possible then we urge you to get in touch!

Remember, we recruit across every part of the UK so no matter where you are, we can help!

You can contact our friendly team by calling 01603 701 077.