Making the Best First Impression in Your New Job


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The age old saying first impressions count is particularly relevant when it comes to starting a new job. You’ll want to get off to the best start possible with both your colleagues and managers while absorbing as much information as you possibly can.

Planning ahead will help you calm your nerves and prepare for lots of different eventualities so you can remain focused on making that good impression and laying the foundations for success in your new workplace.

  1. Dress the Part

If you didn’t find out what the dress code is at interview be sure to find out before your first day because you’ll want to dress the part. It’s also recommended that you make extra effort on your attire and appearance during the first few weeks of your new job because it will demonstrate how keen you are and this will immediately give off the right impression.

  1. Think about your Body language

Body Language plays a huge part in determining what other people think of us. The key things to focus on are making sure you  make eye contact, standing up straight without crossing your arms and smiling! These three simple things will make you appear approachable to your new co-workers. It’s also wise to practise introducing yourself, including that all important handshake because you’ll be making lots of new introductions.

  1. Remember People’s Names

Remembering your co-workers names is a small but significant gesture. It shows you’ve actually listened to them and that you’re making a genuine effort to get to know people! There might be lots of names to remember so use whatever method that works best for you to try and remember as many as you can. The effort will be worth the pay off.

  1. Actively Listen

Being an active listener means you are paying full attention to a conversation. You’ll respond with gestures, questions and remember what’s been said. Why is this important? It will help you build rapport with your new colleagues and if they’re talking about things that are key to your new role, you’ll be more likely to understand and take what they’ve said on board. Active listening is a really important skill to demonstrate in any walk of life.

  1. Take Notes

In the first days and weeks of your new job you’ll have lots of information to take on board. Taking notes is a great way to help you remember and shows you are keen to absorb as much knowledge as you can from the start. The more insight you can gain, the quicker you’ll feel fully on board with your new responsibilities.

  1. Ask for help

No one will expect you to know everything or be good at everything at the start so don’t be afraid to ask for help. It also shows a willingness to learn rather than coming across as a know it all. However, it’s important that you listen to your managers or co-workers responses to your questions so they don’t have to repeat themselves in the future.

  1.  Be Yourself!

The most simple but effective advice is to be yourself. Ultimately that’s how you’ll make friends and settle into your new workplace the fastest. Believe you are capable and be confident, after all the interviewers saw something special enough in you to give you the job!

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