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Motor Trade Jobs Toolbox

So you've decided to apply for a new job!

Whatever your motivation, be it unemployment, a new career opportunity, the need for more money or even the thought that there might be something better out there; if you are looking at roles within the Motor Trade WE can help!

So what to do next?

The Career Toolbox will talk you through every stage from writing your CV right up to preparing for day one of your new job.

What are you looking for in your next role?

This will be our first question to you. You need to be thinking about what you want. We can help you discuss and narrow down your search but YOU need to approach this question with a realistic view of your current skills, qualifications and experience. We all wanted to be Astronauts when we were kids but we had to be realistic. Through our vast network of contacts, we help many candidates climb the ladder. If this is a route you are looking for, be sure to tell us at the outset

Where do you want to be working?

Are you looking at Franchised Main Dealers or Independents? Is there a particular brand you favour or is your search more generic based on role? We will ask you all this when you register, but you need to be thinking about it now.

Who do you NOT want to work for?

Whilst this may sound harsh, an easier way of narrowing down the ‘who’ you would love to work for is to think about ‘who’ would you not work for. Is there a particular brand that doesn’t float your boat? Or have you worked somewhere before that you wouldn’t go back to.

Here to help!

Whatever you decide, we can assist you in moving forwards. Be careful, your natural reaction may drive you to apply for every job that vaguely fits the decisions you’ve made. Remember, we are here to get you the Perfect Placement for you and your skills!

Your next step

Prepare your CV and contact your local recruitment consultant to discuss your opportunities. Your local specialist will be able to advise you on the best steps to you achieving what YOU want. Your local specialist Consultant can be found in the ‘about’ section of our site. Look at ‘our people’.

Next: Writing a CV

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