Jade Jones

Recruitment Executive


-Greater Manchester


Perfect Placement provided a job which combined passions of mine, making it an easy choice to leave the hospitality sector which I had worked in for 10 years.

As assistant manager of a national chain, I was responsible for our internal recruitment amongst others, this task, however, gave me the greatest job satisfaction when I was able to match an applicant to a position we had available.

Growing up my Grandad was a mechanic and would always be tinkering in the garage and my stepdad restored classic cars so I was always exposed and glad to help out in the workshops.  Whilst in the Perfect Placement Academy this base knowledge was built on, providing a sturdy foundation for the Job I now do.

I completed the academy in January 2019 prior to joining the North West, working alongside regional consultant Jamie Fisher.  The academy trained us in not only how to use the software but how to match a suitable candidate for their dream job.

Outside of work, I like to be constantly learning so have been studying part-time with the open university towards a degree in environmental science, this hobby translates into travelling annually to visit volcanos with my family and I get to attend field trips all over the UK. 

I am friendly and chatty and look forward to hearing from you!

Jade Jone - Automotive Recruitment Executive - Perfect Placement
Jade Jones - Motor Trade Recruitment Executive - Perfect Placement Automotive Recruiters
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