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Fortune Telling Recruitment

By Jimi Matthews on the 17 April 2018 in Recruitment News

Startling news from the world of HR today as E-zine Recruitment Grapevine report that Global HR Director Augusta Netchurch uses spiritualism to make hiring decisions, explaining that the company has no need to interview people, they just consult with their spirit guide to make the decision for them.

I’ve worked in recruitment for 12 years and had the pleasure of working with numerous HR managers from across the Motor Trade and I’m glad to say that whilst there have been some novel and innovative recruitment ideas over this decade not one has been quite as loopy as Ms Netchurch.

This article,( for which I apologise if by tearing apart I may in some way have given credence to), goes on to interview others from within the HR trade, who show scepticism to this revelation by sarcastically calling their ‘spirit guide’ instinct.

Instinct is a fixed pattern of behaviour in animals in response to certain stimuli. Or to put better responses to events based on knowledge of previous similar or same previous events.

We use something called experience in our interview techniques, when either registering a new candidate or interviewing them for a role we are handling. This ‘experience’ comes from a collective 200+ years of recruiting for one sole industry and 15 years of doing it successfully.

To rely on something other than this, be it a ‘spirit guide’, Tarot Cards or Ouija Boards would be to not only give credibility to such bunkum but also doubt our own knowledge and experience.

Human decisions, whatever they are, are best left to the best micro-processor on the planet, the human brain; which will confidently draw on past feelings, experiences and collective knowledge, to make a decision in Nano-seconds. Why wait, therefore for the mist to lower in the crystal ball or for a ghostly voice to answer the universal cry of “Is there anyone there”?

It’s clear from Ms Netchurch’s video, that she believes what she is saying, but what she doesn’t say is why her ‘spirit guide’ is better placed to make a decision than her, or indeed anyone else alive or dead.

If you do want to learn the best ways to recruit, then you’ll need to be at CDX 2018, where we are running two workshops for hiring managers and HR professionals on Winning The War For Talent and Interviewing Like A Boss.

Whilst they may not include ghosts, visions or spirits, both will help you in the real world to attract, secure and retain the best talent in the market place.


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