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Preparing For Your Motor Trade Interview

By Louisa Coggs on the 13 April 2017 in Advice and Guides

Everyone knows the usual sayings when it comes to interview preparation:

“Make sure you do your research!”
“Dress to impress!”
“Plan ahead!”
“What do you want to know?”

But do you know the reasons why you should do these things for every Automotive Interview you attend?

Let’s start with…Research!
Surely 10 minutes in front of your computer glancing at the company’s website whilst watching your favourite TV programme the night before you attend the interview should be enough…right? No!

Clients know their Motor Trade Company inside-out and whilst they aren’t looking for a power-point presentation from you; they are looking to see how much attention you have paid to them. You need to show how interested you are in working for their Company and how much you want the opportunity they are interviewing you for. Even if you are the best candidate for the role experience-wise you won’t stand as much of a chance if you don’t do your research properly. The person who has less experience than you but has done their homework and enthuses about their Company will probably win them over so don’t be half-hearted in your approach towards this!

Dress to Impress!
Over the years I’ve heard varied answers when I’ve asked the question “what did you have in mind to wear to the interview?” ranging from a full 3 piece suit to a tank top and combats and one client even fed back to me someone wore flip-flops to their interview!
Sadly the reasons for “dressing to impress” are sometimes over looked! We all are guilty of judging another person based on their appearance, before they have even said hello. How many times have you stood in a busy town or city and watched the people go by and made assumptions? So, when you are going to an interview you must be a reflection of the true professional you are.

1) Wear a Suit! You have to look smart, a perspective employer will be reviewing the way you present yourself as they want to know that they will be 100% happy with you fitting in with their current team and attending to their customers, when you work for them.
2) Be careful with colours. You might love bold bright colours outside of work but keep them neutral i.e. black, white pastels for any interview. Look on their website at how they are dressed for inspiration.
3) Make sure you’re well groomed! Facial and head hair must be neat and tidy, if you look like you haven’t paid any attention to the way you look then you will send out a negative message that you don’t pay much attention to things in your life…including work.

If you nail your appearance you will be taken seriously in any interview and your own standards will be deemed to be high which WILL greatly appeal to the person interviewing you!

Plan Ahead!
Whilst you may be aware of where they are located, you need to ensure that your journey goes without hiccups.
If you are late or held up for your first ever meeting with a prospective new employer this can set a negative tone for the interview; employers are looking for reliable employees.
1) Google Map them – how long will it take and are there any known road works on the way? Are there alternative routes you can use if you get stuck? Is there parking nearby?
2) Is your car road worthy? Sounds like a silly question but I’ve known more than one person be late for an interview because they have had a flat tyre or worse they break down en-route.
3) If you’re using public transport to get to the interview make sure you take the earlier connection just in case the bus/trains are running late.

What do you want to know?
Asking well thought-out questions at the end of an interview is crucial.
Try to think of at least two questions under the following headings, this way, whilst some might be answered during the interview, you’ll still have at least one to ask.

• The Company
• The Role
• Career Development
• Training

Try not to make your first or only question about money, holidays or perks of the job as all you’ll do is make the interviewer think “I’m only in this for what I can get out of your Company”. It is likely this will have be covered anyway.

Write down their answers and any information they give you; interviews are stressful and highly concentrated if you write them down you can review this information later when it is decision time. It also shows how seriously you are taking this opportunity.

Lastly – Be you! Don’t try to be the person you think they want you to be, be you as that’s why they wanted to see you in the first place, and the one they will be working with.

Good Luck with your Automotive Interview.
We look forward to hearing how you got on

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