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What Are Tips For Choosing A Perfect Recruitment Agency?

in Recruitment News

Whether you are asking this question as an employer or a candidate the answer is the same, research your choice thoroughly.

Are they a specialist in recruiting for the types of roles you are looking for?
There are so many recruitment agencies in the UK, well over 30,000 choosing one can therefore be an absolute minefield. If you know which industry in the UK you wish to work in why trust anyone but an expert? After all - You wouldn’t ask a florist to mend your car!

How long have they been doing it?
It’s easy to set up a recruitment agency; all you need is a phone line and internet access. As such every year around 4,000 new recruitment agencies spring up. If you are looking for the perfect partner to assist you, be it in finding a new job, or sourcing a new employee would you trust someone who’s done it for only a few weeks? What’s the chances they’ll know who to talk to first or how best to help you?

Do they have honest reviews? Google Reviews are best!
The thing about a review is that if it is genuine it speaks a thousand words, even if it’s only a short line of praise; someone has taken the time out of their day to post something. Google reviews do not allow anonymous reviews so you’ll know that whoever it was they feel strongly enough about what they’ve said to put their name to it.
Website testimonials are good too, but a company will choose which ones they post, trust the ones the company has no control over and the reviewer is visible on!

Have they won any awards for their service?
Some of the best films ever made have never won an Oscar, Taxi Driver, The Shining and Se7en spring to mind. But the Oscars are the opinion of a few, not the thousands who spent money at the box office.
Many Recruitment Awards are voted for by those that use them, not just ‘arbitrarily chosen’ judges; look out for agencies that have won these awards the vote of customers stands out like a bright star.

Are they regulated?
Permanent recruitment was deregulated by the then BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) in 2010 as such the EASI (Employment Agencies Standards Inspectorate) no longer regulates anything but temporary appointments.
Finding an agency that is regulated can be tough, but there are Membership Bodies such as the REC, The APSCO, or the British Institute of Recruiters, all of these ask members to agree to a common code of conduct as to how they will deal with you as an employer or a candidate. Look out for these.

If you are looking for an expert in Motor Trade Jobs, either as an employer or candidate, rest assured we are an expert in this field, successfully placing nearly 4,000 candidates in a Motor Trade Job every year. We’ve been doing this for 15 years.
All our 150+ Five Star Google Reviews are genuine as are our 7 Awards as Automotive Recruitment Agency of the Year voted for by our customers, and Yes we are regulated by the REC, having signed up to their Code of Professional Practice and successfully completed their Legal Compliance Exam every year. – In short we can be trusted.

To successfully use our service call us today on 01603 701 077, or visit our website.


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