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What is Social Recruiting?

in Recruitment News

Social Recruiting is a term used for recruitment of new employees via the use of digital methods of candidate attraction, using social media, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, even Glassdoor.

It is clear that social media is a phenomenon its growth best explained by human kind’s inexhaustible desire to be a social being. After the expansion of home computers in the late 1980’s social media was becoming more sophisticated; Internet Relay Chats, or IRCs, were first used in 1988 and just 9 years later the first recognisable social media site, Six Degrees, was created.

By 1997, just 13 years later there were close to a billion Social Media users, this is expected to have tripled by 2019!

A quick look at any smart phone today, (2018), shows that the average user has access to at least 4 social media channels anywhere they are, clearly waiting to get home to be social has truly disappeared!

Social Recruiting, is intrinsically the attraction of and communication with candidates (potential or otherwise), but it should be so much more than this.

To us, Social Recruiting is so much more than output, whilst output can achieve the goal of Social Recruitment, increasing brand awareness, notifying the candidature of available roles, creating visibility of vacancies across social networks. However, a social media account on constant transmit is useless.

To us, social recruiting is engaging with the audience socially, this means receiving as well as transmitting, creating an open dialogue with candidates and using social media channels to facilitate this.

Social Recruiting has its uses, certainly reaching an audience of nearly 3 billion in a few clicks, is for marketeers, highly attractive, however it has to be backed up.

Too many employers get it wrong, when using social recruiting, it is important that when engaging with a potential new employee that you give them something when they choose to engage. A candidate who has been attracted to your business via Social Recruiting methods needs something when they land on your company’s home page.

If you don’t have a ‘Work For Us’ page, full of testimonies of current staff, information about who you are as an employer, what benefits are in place; then what does the person you just hooked see? If you do have one, and hide it as tab 8 of 9 or worse still only available via the site-map this is just as bad.

Be proud, Be obvious, Be Open.

#WeAreAutomotiveRecruitment #SocialRecruiting


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