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How to prepare for an Automotive Job Interview

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Are you ready to interview? Once you have been selected for a job interview, it is essential to prepare adequately. That means practising interview questions and answers, dressing in appropriate interview attire and, after the meeting, speaking with your recruitment consultant about the interview and your options.

Effective interview preparation can separate you from the crowd of interviewees all looking to secure the same role, so make sure that you do at least some of below.

The Job
If this is a role similar to the one you currently do, think about your current position, the daily tasks involved, the targets you are aiming for and how you use your skills to do the role. The interviewer will be interested in what makes you great at your job, think about this in detail. If this is a new role for you, visit: and have a look at what might be expected of you within the job. Re-read the job advert and make sure you speak with your recruitment consultant about the role.

The Company
The internet can provide you with a wealth of information, not only via the company’s website but also via blogs or customer feedback. Put their name into a search engine and begin taking notes on what you find. Remember your recruitment consultant may very well have dealt with them for years and will be able to provide you with an accurate synopsis of the company, their makeup and its reputation.

The Interviewer
Knowing who is interviewing you can help massively when preparing. Find out the following: their job title, are they ultimately likely to be your new boss, or perhaps your boss’ boss? What type of person are they and what kind of interview do they typically prefer? Make sure you speak with your recruitment consultant about the interviewer.

On The Day
Know where you are going. Perhaps if you have time, do a dry run of the journey. How long will it take you? Where, if needed, can you park? Whom are you meeting? To where should you report? How long should you set aside for the interview? Make sure you speak with your recruitment consultant about all of these details.
Your Recruitment Consultant is the key to a successful interview. They know the company, the client and the role, so make sure you speak at length about your preparation.

The Interview
This is it, the moment you have been waiting for and you may only get one chance to impress.

Top Tips:

  • Dress appropriately to the role. However, if you are in any way unsure, business attire is the default setting
  • Smile from the moment you arrive. We cannot tell you how many interviews have gone wrong because the interviewee forgot to smile at the receptionist, who ultimately introduced them to the interviewer. They are the first person to impress!
  • Actions. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, you will be watched. Arriving early is good but then sitting in your car in their car park with your feet up on the dashboard reading a newspaper is not. You will be seen and judged!
  • Smoking & Drinking. If you smoke, make sure your last one is at least an hour before you walk in and take mints! Dutch courage is never encouraged! Never drink alcohol before an interview
  • Shake hands with everyone, and again SMILE!
  • Answer every question honestly and back up any statement made with facts or scenarios

Once the interview has ended, thank the interviewer for their time and ask when you will be hearing from them.

After the Interview, call your recruitment consultant to give them feedback.

What To Do With An Offer
Well, Congratulations! You’ve been offered a new position.

Is it what you want?

  1. Accept the role
  2. Visit our Page on Handing in your Notice


  1. What needs to change?
  2. Speak openly with your recruitment consultant about the changes needed to the offer.


  1. What, if changed, would change your mind?

Do you have:

  1. Any doubts?
  2. Other interviews about to happen?
  3. Other interviews with outstanding feedback?
  4. Any other offers?

If you answer yes to any of these, we advise you to speak with your recruiter to discuss your options.


If you have decided the offer on the table is for you, the next stage is Handing In Your Notice... not sure the best way to approach this? Don't worry we've got you covered!