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Bringing Smiles Back To Bereaved Children

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In November 2017 we (along with 19 other Norfolk Businesses) joined Nelson’s Journey in celebrating their 20th year of providing bereavement services to the county’s children.

The children and young adults served by Nelson’s Journey all share in common the loss of a significant person in their life; be that parent, sibling, grandparent or close personal friend.

Bereavement in children is a tricky subject to tackle if left ignored it can often manifest itself in problems at school, work and even future relationships.

The Twenty20, so called as twenty businesses joined forces in Nelson’s Journey’s 20th Year, set a goal, to provide the services, through paying the salary of; one child support worker for one calendar year, the amount set £20,000.

Nelson’s Journey’s need has never been more prevalent, with more referrals in the first six months of 2018 than in the first ten years put together!

A fantastic amount of good work is done and a massive amount of young people’s lives changed by their services.

Today, at the end of the 20:20 year we met at the aptly named “Smiles House” head office of Nelson’s Journey to hear the total raised.

Over the last year, as a group we’ve cycled, mountain climbed, fire walked even rode a ‘death slide’ as well as picnicking, walking and golfing, all to raise the £20K needed to keep new care worker Lisa in a job, government funding sadly lacking.

The total announced to the group amongst much anticipation and guessing was a genuinely staggering £55,000, effectively paying for 2.5 years salary for Lisa and wiping the floor with the target set.

he fundraising efforts of all the businesses involved throughout the year have had an effect already, with numerous positive stories told by Lisa of who and how she’d been able to help in the last 12 months.

We are superbly proud to have been part of such a fantastic year and grateful to everyone who has sponsored our events in the last 12 months, your support of us has helped some great kids come to terms with the loss of someone special, something we can all relate to.