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Archie Lawson

Recruitment Support

Hi, I’m Archie and I joined Perfect Placement in November 2022, I am working in the Recruitment Support Team as well as completing a level 3 business Administration Apprenticeship.

I had previously completed 2 years studying Information Technology as a BETC, in which I enjoyed advancing my knowledge and developing new skills. After completing 2 years of Information Technology at college, I then started working at Sainsbury’s for 2 years whilst I was deciding what career path to take, then I came across Perfect placement. Although I have no experience in Recruitment and have never tackled an Apprenticeship before this has given me a brilliant opportunity to start a career in Recruitment as well learning new things along the way.

The opportunity that the Apprenticeship has to offer is incredible, and the way in which the company carries this out is amazing: the support, the training and an overall professional working environment; and it helps that everyone is so friendly. As I progress I hope to make a major impact in helping the company grow and hopefully work my way up over time.

Doing this Apprenticeship gives me the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge, furthermore gaining a qualification along the way is always a plus. This gives outstanding motivation to drive forward and work harder to achieve my gaols and improve on myself along the way.

My duties within the Recruitment Support team includes handling incoming calls, posting our Motor Trade Jobs to a Variety of different job boards, sourcing candidates and ensuing our database is kept up to date with candidates, who are suitable for the 1000s of Automotive Jobs we have to offer.

In my free time I enjoying going out with my friends having drink while watching the football. I also enjoy going clubbing and partying, as well as going on a nice walk.